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The beautiful thing about voice acting is that it’s not only a varied career but one that is equally exciting. What makes voice acting interesting and also exciting to watch is knowing that behind those colourful characters you are just loving in an animated movie or a cartoon, there is a human voice. This beautiful form of acting is the path Liam O’Brien has chosen to tread.

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Joe Lacob is one successful business executive who took his love for basketball to a commercial level by establishing his own team. The business mogul owns a majority of the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Lacob has been actively involved in the sports for several years, living out his childhood passion.

Apart from his sports business establishment, he is also a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and has also dwelt so much in the health sector. Lacob’s success story is one that should be heard by any aspiring entrepreneur. Here are lesser known facts about the business tycoon.

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Sharon Stone’s Basic Instinct scene is considered to be one of the purest and untouchable scenes in modern film history. So when you manage to recreate it and receive a huge amount of praise for your portrayal of the iconic scene, you might a future as a model. That is the story of Barbara Palvin, whose recreation of the iconic scene is just one of the many milestones she has achieved in a relatively short career so far.

The 2016 Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year has modeled for big brands such as Victoria Secret, Elle, and Vogue. To say she’s got a bright future ahead of her would be an understatement. Get familiar with Barbara by reading about her background and modeling career history below.

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Sometimes in life, some circumstances which befall one and should ordinarily be a limitation to what such a person aspires for in life and actually achieves often turns out to be a stepping stone to the realization of such dreams. In some other cases, it open doors of opportunities for the attainment of even bigger things in life in a field such a person previously thought impossible. In this regard, one unique person who defied all odds to make the best of life despite the circumstances he found himself in while he lived was Josh Ryan Evans.

Josh was an actor who played roles even the best of actors at that time would fumble at. His roles came naturally to him as a result of how he looked. His unique looks came to be due to a rare medical condition which put a stop to his physical growth and development despite his age. Sadly, the actor is no more but while he lived, he did and achieved things that endeared him to a whole lot of people such that he is still being talked about despite passing away many years ago. Find out more about Ryan below.

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Best known as a Buzzfeed producer and vlogger, Michelle Khare is a lifestyle enthusiast, actress and sometimes a stunt-woman. She is also a professional athlete who is not only a U-23 USA Criterium Cycling National Champion but also a BMW Happy Tooth pro cyclist.

From all the descriptions available, Michelle Khare is multi-talented and practically an extremist. Besides her sporting career, she is involved in various other endeavors as a Victoria’s Secret model, makeup artist, master chef, and a vocal artist. As a Youtube personality, Khare is most recognized for contents like the popular series Challenge Accepted, where wows her over one million subscribers with her intense superhero training, dieting and various other activities that also challenge viewers to experience alternative ways of life.

Michelle’s youtube contents are always smeared with different boundary-pushing challenges that include training with the U.S. Marine Corps and lots more and for her efforts, she was awarded the Shorty Award for 2017 Youtuber of the year. Here are some interesting facts to know about the multi-talented Youtube star.

Michelle Khare – Bio and Personal Profile (Age)

The American youtube star Michelle Khare was born in Shreveport Louisiana on August 10, 1992. Not so much has been revealed about Michelle’s childhood and early educational background, but she did give a hint of her experience while growing up. From childhood, she used to be bullied for belonging to a family of mixed race. After high school, Michelle Khare attended Dartmouth University where she got a degree in digital arts and media technology and graduated in 2012.

The youtube star went on to reveal that she was the very first member of her family to travel far away from their hometown to study and this affected her in such a way that she resulted to drinking and partying just to deal with her homesickness. When that did not do the trick, she switched lanes and got herself engaged in sports activities as a professional cyclist

After college, Michelle Khare interned at the DreamWorks Animation Team and for six years she worked with the company as its Brand Marketing intern. In 2013, she worked with Lionsgate where she took part in the production of the film, Snitch. Other motion pictures she has equally contributed to include a dark comedy movie titled Everyone Loves Bulldog and the 2017 television series, MK Ultra. In addition to that, Khare took part in some movies extras, standing in for Dwayne Johnson.

Khare joined Buzzfeed in October 2014 and was making a meaningful impact as the company’s producer. She was particularly famous for her work on segments around cycling, immigration, and extreme sports. The company also exposed her to the world of YouTube where she now enjoys an enviable income. She launched her own youtube channel, Michelle Khare and in less than two years the channel became famous with subscribers to her channel getting to over 1. 3 million with views of over 75 million. Following the success of the channel, she launched her second channel, Helmet Head which is fast increasing in subscriber base.

Khare’s successful youtube career is also attributed to contents like Challenge Accepted, which contains her various extreme training that includes stunt, beauty pageants, skiing, and voice-over acting. She was initially doing these to add some skills to her resume but after hitting one million subscribers, she decided to focus on the business by engaging in more training. One of the biggest and mentally tough training she has undergone so far was with the U.S. Marines, especially when going through the confidence course obstacles. Michelle Khare’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.

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In the game of football like other sports, some positions are given to players based on their skills as well as their speed. In the American football, playing as a safety man requires not just the speed but a strong defensive skill as well. For great players like Jayron Kearse, this has helped them in stopping the run and guarding the tight ends on passing plays.

Playing safety for the Minneapolis-based national Football team the Minnesota Vikings, Kearse is known for exhibiting those high and exceptional tackles and for using his massive size to get into passing lanes. Since his years as a professional player, Kearse has not failed to register among players with a promising future in the football world.

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Achieving an immediate breakthrough in a film industry as competitive as Hollywood is no easy feat and for that, Chosen Jacobs should be commended. Barely a year after moving to Hollywood to facilitate his dreams of becoming a professional entertainer, the young lad turned heads with his performance as Mike Hanlon in the horror film, It, which was based on Stephen King’s novel of the same title originally published in 1986. Additionally, Chosen has had some notable roles in the small screen with a couple of awards to his name. Here is all you need to know about the “Chosen One.”

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